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Running your fund

This is where we add significant value


Weekly bookkeeping

We perform all of the bookkeeping functions of your fund weekly, often daily.  This way you can see a snapshot of your fund at any time and when you need to make a decision we can determine exact details for you quickly.


Primary mailing address

No need to get the mail, do the filing and wonder what it all means. We look after this and forward any correspondence to you that you wish to receive or need to action.



Keeping minutes and accurate records are essential to the compliant running of your fund. We provide all of the supporting documentation as required.


Special requirements

There will be times when your SMSF needs to perform special transactions such as establishing a pension or borrowing to invest. When these events occur we can look after the paperwork and engage with your advisers as required.


Accountants and Auditors

We work closely with our chosen accountant and auditor when it comes time to lodge important compliance documents and to prepare your annual return.